Bad credit payday loans direct lenders -We’ve got a loan for poor credit

We’ve got your loan for poor credit   The application process for taking out a loan for poor credit with is simple, clear and very easy. Using a loan form on Bergerlå, you have the option to choose your desired loan amount and maturity on the loan. You have the opportunity to borrow between DKK 7,000 Continue Reading


  The Bauspar contract is anything but old hat, but an attractive way to finance home ownership. The advantages and the flexibility offered by a Bauspar contract characterize this investment, which is also interesting for pure profitability. Historical overview: The history of the Bauspar contract. The history of collective building savings has already been documented Continue Reading

Small and Medium Business Loans.

  The loan interest rate for the company may theoretically be below 5%, but usually it is closer to 10%, the cost of factoring starts from 0.05% per day Although both products are used to finance enterprises, they have different assumptions, uses and uses The disadvantage of the loan is low availability for young companies Continue Reading

Debt Consolidation of Payday Loans

  Little known by the Poles “holiday” is the “Day without Debts” celebrated annually. Perhaps this is because many Polish citizens are very indebted and they have nothing to celebrate. That is why this holiday can be celebrated by a rather small number of people, because, unfortunately, more and more people fall into debt. Someone Continue Reading