Alabama Playlist: Back to Black


OK, let’s get one of the saddest songs ever here real quick.

Amy never wanted to be famous, she just wanted to sing. Damn, could she sing.

I don’t know what to write this week. Writing something slightly humorous seems even more difficult than usual. I know, I’m not that funny. Writing scathing “burn the program to pieces” sounds silly.

I had an idea about B.oy A.labama S.ucks and playing in our Endless Battered Aggie Syndrome. Then I thought, maybe I digress completely, never mention A&M or Alabama once and write a 500 word song about the band Nelson from the early 90s. This is the best music video of all the time. FIGHT ME!

The beginning of the clip is still absolutely crazy, I could come back to that in the near future.

So where are we going? Well I guess I’m going back to dark places like Amy was talking about. We go back to black or at least where this article started and give an overview of all the songs on the list. I’m lost guys, something like this might work … right?

The Best – Hook N Sling

Just like at the beginning, we only start with firecrackers. Plus the bass will really fuck with your ear

Ya Dig – Lil Wayne

It was probably recorded in the mid-2000s when Wayne was losing his mind, but man, it’s a good throwback when Wayne was the “Best Rapper Alive”

Hold Me Down – The Happy Fits

I’ve been enjoying this album for a few months, surprised not to have shared this group yet

Prison Sex – TOOL

Certainly not an allusion to Saturday’s results

Fleetwood – Atmosphere

I loved the super angry and very directed Atmosphere songs in my angrier youth. They always sound good

Telepath (dirty spotlight version) – Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra has had a fantastic arc as a band, and their latest album is really awesome.

Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

Ugh, we can’t get enough Amy. I love this song

Fairly Good – Nathaniel Rateliff

Nate does a wonderful cover of a recent John Prine tribute album. Go listen to more John Prine

Big-Tank and the Bangas

Pure. Joy.

Trouble- The world is a beautiful place and I’m not afraid to die anymore

It was boring to type, but the acronym TWIABP isn’t much easier

Days like these – Low

Low probably released my favorite album of the year, but the music isn’t exactly friendly. But shit, we try everything this week

After the rain – Nelson

Over 30 years later this trash song is a real bop

The Last Dance – St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Just at the right time, Paul from Birmingham releases a fantastic new jam

Fantasy – Reba McEntire

Reba revisits her hits. I didn’t include the somewhat funny version of the remix club, but hey, who doesn’t like a song about possible borderline child prostitution?

Breather Deeper ft. Lil Yachty – Tame Impala

Just sit back and enjoy the trippy vibes, and this Fat Joe sample is lovely


Of course, I will add a Canadian jazz ensemble to my weekly playlist.

Red Flag Flies – Sleight Bells

Let’s end this week with chaos

Now I remember why I stopped doing this. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the game, it’s still just football. Have fun, be safe and BTHO Alabama!


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