Album Review: Nocturnal Graves – An Outlaw’s Stand


Album Review: Nocturnal Graves - An Outlaw's Stand

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Australian thrash and death metal band Nocturnal Graves have been rocking fans’ veins with their music since 2004, and earlier this month the band released A Outlaw’s Stand. Overall, the record represents what thrash and death metal should sound like due to JR’s skills as a vocalist, drummer and guitarist bringing strong authority to every track. Decaylusts and Shrapnel’s guitar playing bleeds madness and Decaylust and Prain’s background vocals contribute to heart-pounding sounds. Nocturnal Graves knows how to shock the spirits with his percussive tunes.

The electrifying “Command For Conflict” is filled with Decaylust’s virtuous lead guitar. From the start, powerful guitar riffs emerge from the background with great authority, with an energy that bursts with every note. The best part is hearing a killer guitar solo that will blow your listeners away. “Command For Conflict” is the second track from A Outlaw’s Stand, and Decaylust knows how to play wild, rage-filled guitar riffs.

The almighty track “Across the Acheron” provides insight into the JR singer genre. His commanding voice has high-pitched hateful emotions flowing through his deep, hoarse voice. “Across the Acheron” is a fun song that has a bold vocal performance from JR. Not only this song, but throughout the composition, JR is not afraid to show what kind of performer he is.

Wild “No Mercy For Weakness” shows what kind of multi-musician JR is by the way his drumming steals the show with thundering beats. While listening, it’s nice to hear how dedicated JR is as a drummer due to how fast he plays over a simple musical tempo. The louder JR plays on the drums, the faster each drum beat gets, and people will find themselves banging their heads while listening. JR shows no mercy on this track with his flamboyant drumming.

“Law of the Blade” is an unforgiving, well-crafted track that gives listeners a taste of who Nocturnal Graves is as a band. The feeling of endless darkness can be felt through JR’s noble vocal performance and instrumental playing. As JR rages with his sharp voice, Prain can be heard singing with deep joy. In addition, JR, Decaylust and Shrapnel’s guitar and drum playing brings heavy fans a long time to hear. Nocturnal Graves knows how to make metal music, and on “Law of the Blade” the band continues to push themselves to be a better band.

The title track, “An Outlaw’s Stand,” ends things with a bang. What’s remarkable is how JR’s skills as a bass player reverberate through the speakers with a face-smacking sound. Deep riffing noises can be heard, filling the atmosphere with relentless madness and in some ways the bass keeps it all together with the speed with which JR. “An Outlaw’s Stand” has elements of thrash and death metal, and JR shows how capable he is of playing powerful bass guitar notes.

A Outlaw’s Stand is undoubtedly an exciting record that has incredible vocals and instrumentation capable of influencing people to create their own world filled with darkness and madness.



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