Arch Enemy releases 80s-inspired song “House of Mirrors”


Arch Enemy is back with another indie single, “House of Mirrors”. The song follows “Deceiver, Deceiver,” which marked the band’s first new piece of music in four years.

The new video for “House of Mirrors,” which will debut on YouTube at noon ET, was produced by Grupa13, who is perhaps best known for their work with Behemoth. As for the song, Michael Amott’s guitar work is reminiscent of classic heavy metal and 2000s metalcore, mixing powerful gallops with earworm leads.

“Musically, this is an idea that has been going through my head for a while, and eventually it ended. It all started with the guitar motif starting the song, which naturally leads to the galloping feel of the metal of the songs. 80s verses, ”says Amott. “As is always the case with us, we had quite a few different arrangements and demos of this song until it was, dare I say, perfect fckn!”

Alissa White-Gluz’s voice is as vicious as ever, adding yet another bang to her impressive resume since taking over from Angela Gossow. “’House of Mirrors’ is a song that weaves its way into the human psyche,” she explains. “I wrote the lyrics during a dark time of strict, dystopian lockdown, and I think people will be able to understand that feeling of being totally alone – but never really alone – when you are surrounded only by past versions and future of yourself as a company. “

Listen to “House of Mirrors” in the player below.

Arch Enemy, “House of Mirrors”

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