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We’ve got your loan for poor credit

The application process for taking out a loan for poor credit with is simple, clear and very easy. Using a loan form us, you have the option to choose your desired loan amount and maturity on the loan. You have the opportunity to borrow between DKK 7,000 and DKK 75,000 and choose a maturity that can range from 12 months up to 72 months. Here you will also be able to see an estimate of what your monthly benefit will be, depending on what you have chosen in the loan form.

When you are satisfied with your choices, click on to their loan application, which you can fill out online easily and quickly. Here you will be asked to provide information such as telephone number, e-mail, registration number, and account number to the account you want to use to receive the loan, whether you are registered in the RKI or Debtor Register and a number of other personal information.

Once you have completed the application, simply send it off and you can expect to receive a reply from Berger Loans immediately. In a few cases, it may take up to 1 hour before you get an answer, which is because some applications are sent for manual processing. All applications processed manually will be processed from 08:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday and from 10:00 to 17:00 Saturday to Sunday.

After you have received a response to your application from Berger Loan, you will be asked to sign the loan with Easy ID, whereby you at the same time accept the loan terms and approve that you want to borrow the loan. Then you can expect that the loan will be transferred the same day or the day after to the account number you have stated in your loan application for Berger loans.

Who is Berger Loan

Berger loan is a brand under Better Rates A / S, which is an experienced loan intermediary, you can feel completely comfortable with taking out a loan with Berger loans. Berger loans also collaborate with Russel A / S, which is responsible for issuing all loans that are admitted. It is thus Russel that ultimately lends you the money.

We are one of the most well-established online banks in Denmark, so again you have no reason to worry when you borrow money from Berger loans.

At Berger loans, it is important for them that you as customers are always in focus. Therefore, they have increased awareness that you get the best possible service and safe experience when applying for a loan here. In cooperation with Russel, Berger loans continuously develop their concept in relation to making it easy and simple for you to borrow money. They therefore also always focus on how they can be improved so that you as a customer get the best experience.

Get an easy, safe and cheap loan with Berger loans

A loan with Berger loans is both easy, safe and cheap. You apply online through their online loan application and get an answer right away. So you do not have to wait for your approval and can therefore easily find quick loans here and now. Another option if you want to borrow DKK 75000 is this loan, which also offers loans at reasonable prices.

You must at the same time not provide security for the loan or submit any kind of documentation when you apply for a loan with Berger loan. All loan agreements are also signed and approved with Easy ID, which is both easy and safe to use.

If you compare a loan with Berger loans with other types of loans such as quick loans and SMS loans with other loan providers, a loan here will typically be a cheaper choice. A loan here may also be an alternative to a loan raised through a bank or a finance company. In the end, the price of your loan will be determined by a specific credit rating from you. Most of their customers are approved for a low-interest, low-cost loan if they have a sound and sensible economy.

You should not worry about stiffening the loan or having to be responsible for the purpose of the loan. When you borrow money from Berger loans you get a safe and cheap loan based on a credit rating of your finances. In this way, you can be sure that you always get the lowest possible interest and as few costs as possible when you borrow money from Berger loans. Get started with your online loan application today and get an answer to your application right away!

Increase your chances of a cheap loan with Berger loans with a guarantor or co-debtor

The chance of being approved for a cheap loan at Berger Loans increases if you apply with a co-sponsor or guarantor who can guarantee that your obligations are met and met. This also means that if you as a borrower do not make sure to repay the loan, then the guarantor will instead step in. This also increases the security for you as a borrower as you have one to fall back on, and at the same time, you have a better chance of getting a good credit rating and thus a lower interest rate.

NemID makes it both easy and safe

When you sign your loan agreement and approve the loan from Berger loan, you must use NemID. NemID is both a safe and easy way to sign the loan, so you can be absolutely sure of borrowing from Berger loans. Easy ID helps ensure that no one can take out a loan in your name, and they can, therefore, be sure that you really are the person you have stated in your loan application.

This is done in such a way that you will receive a free loan offer when you have applied online via Berger loan’s loan form. You can choose to accept or decline this offer. If you wish to approve and accept the loan offer, you will be able to sign the final loan agreement with your Easy ID via a link that you will receive by e-mail. This process is quite simple and quick, and you can be sure of having the money in your account within two days of signing the loan agreement with New ID.

How to pay out and repay your loan with Berger loans

Once you have approved and accepted the submitted loan agreement from Berger Loan, you can expect that the borrowed money will be paid to your chosen account the same day or the day after the approval. The payout will be made entirely automatically to the account you have provided the registration number and account number in your loan application. So you do not have to do more to get the loan paid.

When repaying the loan for Berger loans, this is done through monthly benefits. When you apply for the loan, their loan form calculates an estimate of what your monthly benefit will be for that particular loan. You will also see in your final loan agreement how much you have to pay each month for your quick loan. The installment is made using either Payment Service or giro card, where you pay the monthly benefit to Berger loans. Please note that there is an extra charge for payment via giro card, which is why you can advantageously use the Payment Service when repaying your loan. Payment service also has the advantage that it all happens automatically every month, so you do not have to think about and remember to get paid the monthly service.

In relation to SKAT, you do not need to inform them about the loan with regard to interest deductions. Russel ensures that you report your interest expenses completely automatically when you have borrowed a loan from Berger loans. In this way, you can be absolutely sure of getting the correct interest deduction, and at the same time, you should not worry about reporting anything to SKAT regarding your loan.

Benefits of Adding a Loan to Berger Loans

Berger River offers low-interest loans and good monthly service. It is also both easy and safe to apply via their online application form, and your application is approved the same day. You also do not have to do more than fill in the application, send it, and finally sign it with NemID before you will automatically get the borrowed money paid directly to your chosen account.

If you choose to borrow the loan together with another, in most cases you can also be sure to get a good and low-interest rate on your loan.

Requirements for you as a borrower

Firstly, as a minimum, you must earn DKK 150,000 a year before tax, which corresponds to just over DKK 12,500 per month. This is because Berger loans want to issue loans to people with a good and healthy economy. This is their way of making sure you have the best conditions to repay the loan when they do not require you to provide security for the loan. Secondly, you must be over 21 and you must not be registered as a bad payer in either RKI / Experian or the Debtor Register. In addition, as a borrower, you must have a permanent residence in Denmark if you want to borrow a loan through them.

Like so many other loan providers, Berger loans have individual requirements for you as a borrower, which you must meet in order to be allowed to borrow from them.

When you apply for a loan at Berger Loan, you will automatically be rated. Here are several different factors, such as debt factor (debt in relation to your income), ownership (if you own a house, apartment, car or the like) and others. The advantage of being thoroughly rated is that you, as a borrower, can be sure that you will get the lowest possible interest and cost on your loan when you apply to Berger Loans.

Examples of what you can borrow money for

Once you have borrowed a loan from here, neither Russel nor Berger loans blend in with what you want to spend the money on. You should not be responsible for them in relation to the purpose of the loan. A loan can be used for many different purposes and there can be many reasons to apply for a loan.

For example, you can borrow money for a journey that you have long wanted to take, but which you have had difficulty finding the money for. You can also borrow money for home improvement if, for example, you have just bought a house that you would like to renovate, or if your older house needs replacement windows or the like. You can also use the borrowed money to buy a car, start your own business, purchase consumer goods such as a new TV or a new computer, or if you need money to buy a new home.

The possibilities are many, which ultimately depends on what you really need to borrow for. With a loan at Berger Loan, you decide for yourself what you want to borrow for without having to provide an explanation.

Put your quick loans together for a prime loan

Put your quick loans together for a prime loan

There can be a lot of advantages in merging several small loans into one large loan with Berger loans. Instead of having many expensive loans, by borrowing money from them you can get one single cheaper loan.

Especially quick loans can be expensive to have, as the cost here can be very draining for your finances. By taking out a loan, you can afford to pay off your / your other expensive loans, and instead, get one overall loan at a good and low-interest rate with less cost. So fine loans give you the opportunity to convert your loans into a cheaper loan so that you can get more air in your finances and make it a more manageable situation to have debt.