LANY’s latest album fails with bland, cookie-cutter lyrics



There was a specific brand of indie pop that dominated tween streaming platforms all over from 2016 to 2017. Over-synthesized, love-heavy songs – just vague enough for 13-year-olds to project their own dreams. , but still poppy enough to enter the Top 40 weekly slots. These songs gave birth to a whole generation of young adults with poor musical tastes.

Despite the alarming abundance of this genre of music and its deep genericity, it somehow survived the turn of the decade in the form of LANY, the truly appalling poster group for sold-out lazy music, and the fourth the band’s aptly named and ridiculously named studio album. , gg bb xx.

gg bb xx literally means nothing – a claim lead singer Paul Klein has confirmed. So, at the request of LANY themselves, listeners should engage in some sort of DIY process when listening to the album, defining what the album means to themselves when listening. . Given the interchangeable nature of each song on gg bb xx, this is not an unreasonable request.

Listening to the 38-minute album, it’s hard to know where one track ends and another begins – it’s actually so bland. It’s as if any lowercase song could be taken off the album, the song order reversed and put back together without anyone noticing. The songs range from boring to laughable. For example, “somewhere” takes the musical form of a tasteless sad boy’s tune, while “til i don’t” is one of the funniest, one-iron songs I’ve ever heard.

On the chorus of “til i don’t”, Klein sings “Gonna be there for you, through the highs and lows / But I will never say ‘Forever’ because it’s too much we don’t know / But I promise that I will love you, promise that I will love you until I don’t love you. What world is it supposed to be sweet in, let alone romantic? Which person hears this song and thinks, “Is that exactly the feeling that I was unable to express in simple words?” Who lied through their teeth and said LANY gg bb xx did an album even slightly deserve a release?

These are all unanswered questions, but there is one thing that does not need to be questioned: gg bb xx Is not very good. It’s a boring recycling of music that has already been written and recorded far too many times in the past five years to be considered anything other than what it is: radio fill.

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