Rare clip of Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson playing 1 on 1 on the set of The Song Jam in 1992


Michael Jordan is known to the NBA world by his initials. Most people call him MJ, after all there is no greatest basketball player in the history of the game. But while he might be the main NBA MJ, there is another iconic celebrity who holds an equal claim to the initials. His Airness will always be the GOAT of basketball, but King of Pop Michael Jackson was just as, if not more, popular during his lifetime.

Jordan had the dunks from the free throw line and Jackson had his moonwalk. Jordan had winning shots and championships, and Jackson had chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts around the world. During the 90s, it would be really hard to say which of the Michaels was the most popular or the best known across the world. And while the two led very different lives, they bonded in terms of popularity beyond belief.

Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson Showed Up to Each Other on the Set of Jackson’s Song Jam

Michael Jackson released the single Jam in 1992, also making a music video. And it was on the set of this clip that he had a legendary interaction with Michael Jordan, then MVP and champion. Jordan and Jackson played a 1-on-1 game, which wasn’t fair to the music icon, but then he tried to teach Jordan his dance moves, which left the GOAT a bit puzzled. A video clip of this interaction recounted by Jackson was on Twitter, and that makes for a really interesting watch.

Michael Jackson: “He’s signing all these autographs, and then we had a real game. People got together and they’re watching me play one-on-one. Like, ‘Who’s going to win this game?’ I wonder who. Look at that, it’s cheating like crazy. He takes that and goes up and slams it.

“In fact, that was my favorite part of the whole short because it’s candid, it’s fun (talking about Jordan dancing with him). He was really embarrassed, he said. I really wanted move his legs to the right place.”

The whole exercise seemed to make it clear that neither of them was very good at doing what the other was doing so well. Both have known a lot of fame in different ways and have lived lives filled with extraordinary stories and events. And not everyone might like them very much, but no one can argue that during the ’90s, both GMs ruled their respective fields.


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