The 10 Best AC / DC Songs


There is something iconic about the way AC DCGuitarists strummed their guitar riffs. You could play the opening chord progression of “Back in Black” on the harp and everyone in the room would recognize it as an AC / DC song. Their immediate familiarity and unwavering fire for rock ‘n’ roll cemented the band into the foundational of the musical realm.

The group itself, however, has changed over the years, seeing several different formations and frontmen. Current members are Angus Young, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, Brian Johnson, Stevie Young, but the group was originally formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. The Young brothers named the group because of the terminology used to describe the flow of electricity: “alternating current / direct current” or “AC / DC”.

The energy of AC / DC was electric in its early days and continues to this day. To date, the group has released 17 studio albums, the first was High tension in 1975 and 1976 — and became the darlings of stage rock. In the most recent Grammy announcement, AC / DC was nominated for three 2022 Grammy Awards. The band received a nomination for Best Rock Album for their 2020 album. Power up, in addition to two nominations for Best Rock Performance and Best Music Video for their 2020 single “Shot In The Dark”.

So, in honor of AC / DC rockers, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite AC / DC songs. Listen below for the band’s famous discography.

10. “For those who are about to switch (we salute you)”

9. “Let there be rock”

8. “TNT”

7. “Dirty acts done at a low price”

6. “The Bells of Hell”

5. “Lotta Rosie Set”

4. “You rocked me all night long”

3. “Thunder”

2. “The highway to hell”

1. “Back in black”

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