Wolfgang Van Halen returned the lost element to Guns N ‘Roses song


When Wolfgang Van Halen was invited on tour with Guns N ‘Roses in October, he spent as much time as he could rehearsing on his tour bus – and ended up bringing a lost item back to “Paradise City.”

He had been invited to participate in the closing song of two concerts as Axl Rose’s band wrapped up their road trip with Van Halen’s band Mammoth WVH. As a result, he found himself focusing intensely on the guitar part played by Izzy Stradlin on the original recording.

“I just hid on the bus in my free time and learned perfectly,” he told Consequence in a recent interview (video below). “There were times when I would only listen to the right side of the headphones to hear Izzy’s part, so I could play it literally perfectly.”

He said he intended to have the role “so ingrained” because they would only have a “little soundcheck” to rehearse before the first performance. “I didn’t know they wanted me to do backing vocals too,” he continued. “[A]As we did, I just started singing the high harmony that I always hear at the start of the song – I didn’t realize they haven’t been doing this all the time. He added: “After, Duff [McKagan] was like, ‘Oh, yeah, there’s harmony there, isn’t there? Sounds good, man! ‘ It was like, ‘Okay, I think that’s going to be fine!’ “

Van Halen has previously discussed how he is frequently criticized after being compared to his late father, Eddie. In the interview, he cited another example – that of how it took him several years to complete his debut album, when bands like Van Halen seemed to be producing records in their early days. “People like to go back to that time and compare it to today, but there is no comparison,” he said.

“I was taking my time, I was living my life and I was finding out who I was doing the first album. People love to throw that in my face. It’s like, ‘Well, when your dad was your age he already did. three albums. ‘ … We’re fucking completely different people; we operate differently. He continued, “And also, it was lightning in a bottle. Look at the Beatles: they were only there for a short time, and they did everything right. It’s because they’re fucking legends, that’s not normal! “

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